salle de bain pour établissement de santé

BAUDET prefabricated bathrooms, the allies of healthcare establishments

The bathroom is an important and highly technical space in a healthcare facility. 

It is also a place, when poorly designed, where many accidents and falls may occur. The floor finish must be free of obstacles and non-slippery despite the presence of water. It has to be accessible by all, even the least mobile: cane, walker, wheelchair, etc. They have to comply with existing local DDA Regulations!

Prefabricated bathroom is therefore a proven solution for this type of establishment with strict specifications. Let’s go back to what makes a bathroom prefabricated, and precisely our bathrooms, the true allies of healthcare establishments!

Bathrooms specially designed for healthcare establishments

So that our concept meets local regulations for health sector, there are several elements that have to be present in our bathrooms  that allow them to be practical, hygienic and easily accessible space.

Les sols anti-dérapants
Respect des normes PMR
Respect des normes PMR
Hygiène & Facilité d'entretien
Hygiène & Facilité d'entretien
Conception intelligente

The advantages of the prefabricated solution for healthcare establishments are :

Notre gamme de salles de bain

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