des salles de bain préfabriquées BAUDET au service des constructions à énergie positives

Documentary by the French TV channel, TF1 – Baudet prefabricated bathrooms make their contribution to positive energy buildings

TF1 documentary “La France des solutions” broadcast on 1st May 2021 highlighted the prefabricated bathrooms contributing to plans for positive energy homes.

Elithis aims to promote responsible constructions with controlled energy use thanks to its positive energy homes. The first Elithis Danube tower in Strasbourg produces more energy than it uses. Energy bills are not only cancelled, energy sometimes generates cash. This income is then used to reduce shared property expenses.

Elithis is turning towards industrial solutions, particularly Baudet prefabricated bathrooms, to successfully construct new-generation buildings for a set cost.

By delivering a finished product, which can be rapidly installed and connected, the developer avoids any delays or shoddy
installation work and maintains full control over the quality of the final structure. This approach also saves time and costs less, with an estimated 15% or more cut off the construction price.

Prefabricated bathrooms can also ensure that the construction process is managed from A to Z in terms of time, quality and
budget !

Baudet is proud to dedicate its expertise and the full benefits of a prefabricated solution to positive energy construction projects,
smart buildings which save energy and protect the environment.

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