The intercommunal hospital center of the five valleys

The five valleys intercommunal hospital center will bring together two existing hospitals 14 km apart: that of Raon l’Etape and Senones. This establishment has 288 beds including 238 reserved for EHPAD. BAUDET provides all the bathrooms needed to build this vast 15,847 m² establishment. This establishment is divided into households allowing to maintain a human dimension and reassuring for the residents. The creation of Chabanne & Partenaires and the choices made make it possible to save 12% of consumption compared to the regulatory requirements in force. The BAUDET bathrooms chosen fit into this comfortable residential environment. The bathroom is large, with timeless and modern finishes.



Type de projet :


Nombre de salle de bain :


Entreprise générale :

Rabot Dutilleul Construction

Architecte :

Chabanne & Partenaires

Type de salle de bain :


Maître d'oeuvre :

Rabot Dutilleul

Bureau d'étude :



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