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BAUDET’s Refresh service has a mission: give your bathroom a new lease of life!

Sometimes your bathrooms are old-fashioned and were installed a long time ago. They are still operational but you would like to update them, give them a more modern look or just make them more pleasant.

The BAUDET Refresh service is the perfect solution!

Our bathrooms are designed to last, which means they do not need to be replaced regularly. As BAUDET is committed to fighting against the planned obsolescence of goods, we invented the Refresh service to assist you and extend the service life of your GRP bathroom pods, in order to avoid premature major works

refresh baudet rénovation salle de bain

The advantages of the Refresh BAUDET service


A low-cost solution that guarantees you a bathroom like new + no downtime of your bathrooms = no loss of activity.


BAUDET’s Refresh service is part of a sustainable and ecologically responsible approach. We keep the existing structure of your bathroom, we don’t destroy anything and we limit waste during our intervention.


Choosing BAUDET’s Refresh service means a quick intervention. Our target is to provide you with a bathroom like new in just one day!


There are multiple possible finishes and bespoke equipment to suit your preferences. Our team will assist you to ensure a modern result, in line with current trends.

Easy to install

With our GRP bathroom pods, certain elements can be changed quickly, with no nasty surprises.

Customer satisfaction

The bathroom is a very important factor when choosing a room. By giving them a new lease of life, you can increase business and boost your customers’ satisfaction.

Our prefabricatd bathroom pods refresh achievements

From the hotel to the healthcare establishment, the Refresh teams intervene quickly and efficiently to revamp your bathrooms fleet


Before After avant novotel refreshaprès novotel refresh

Ibis Accor

Before After refresh hotel ibis accorrefresh salle de bain hotel ibis accor

A project to refresh your bathrooms pods ?