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With 30 years of experience in construction off site, BAUDET has developed two approaches that are as complementary as they are distinct, making it possible to offer prefabricated bathrooms for any type of project:

the search for a high-end and tailor-made solution thanks to the metal structure


and the desire to offer a standardized offer at a competitive price using the GRP structure

A made-to-measure prefabricated bathroom thanks
to the flexibility of the metal structure

BAUDET allows design liberty to be combined with the advantages of industrialized bathrooms thanks to a new uninhibited, free and visionary approach adapted to architects’ high-end projects.
Thanks to the flexibility of the metal structure, leaving the mould constraint behind, BAUDET can industrialize any bathroom project.

Custom-made bathroom pods

Depending on the specifications, the maximum possible dimensions, the expected level of quality and the desired type of finish, BAUDET offers specific creations of single bathrooms thanks to its integrated design and design team. From sketches to modellings, including the ambiance board, BAUDET helps you to imagine your future bathrooms and offers you all its know-how (optimization of space, technical access, regulations, etc.) Once validated , the bathroom is industrialized, manufactured and transported to your construction site.

Industrialization of your existing concep

High-end hotel or residential designs, which are defined in advance, can also be manufactured in an industrialized manner without compromising the design and style.


The great flexibility of BAUDET’s production tools allow you to benefit from an irreproachable and very high level of quality and all the other advantages of off site construction for your luxury establishments. BAUDET was able to adapt the concept of the MOXY hotels of the Marriott group, the concept of the young hotelier ZOKU while respecting the wishes and the tool kit. The result is visually identical to a bathroom made in a traditional way but qualitatively superior to that.


The prefabricated bathroom on catalog with the polyester structure

BAUDET’s historical know-how, the creation of bathroom pods in GRP, meaning defined in dimensions that are realated to moulds for each piece. Thanks to an assembly system of different walls, several combinations are possible and allow to offer various models of prefabricated bathrooms in polyester structure.

Determined in dimensions, the bathrooms on the catalogue can nevertheless be personalized: choice of colors, addition of options and equipment so that they remain unique and adapted to the image of the establishment in which they will be installed.