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Prefabricated bathroom units meet the many requirements in the construction industry: faster progress, better results, longer-lasting structures with controlled quality, sticking to the schedule and budget.

BAUDET designs prefabricated bathrooms to unfailing quality standards, and subsequently delivers a complete and tested product, ready for installation in a construction or renovation project at a facility.

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Why opt for a prefabricated bathroom pod ?

Reduced construction costs

Economies of scale are globally achieved for all bathrooms, while production conditions are under control and optimised, thanks to a sophisticated industrial environment. By completing the facility more rapidly, you are also considerably reducing construction costs. Project lead times can be reduced by up to 30%.

Better project schedule management

Prefabricated bathrooms mudules are delivered according to a set schedule approved by partners, which is adjusted as the project progresses. On-time delivery is guaranteed, the bathrooms are rapidly installed and the reservations phase is considerably shorter.

Better project schedule management

Prefabricated bathrooms benefit from strict quality control as an integral part of the industrial process. The bathroom pods reach the site as a final product after inspections focusing on over 30 check points for the project. Selecting Baudet prefabricated bathrooms means reducing the number of reservations for a project by over 90%.

Greater efficiency

Baudet can support your project from design to installation, right up to the completion of your bathrooms, if you so decide. One single contact person for the bathroom batch means avoiding wasted time coordinating the schedule and the requirements of over six different trades involved simultaneously in a compact space covering less than 3 m² (tiler, plumber, electrician, plasterboard specialist, painter, etc.).

Committing to a more responsible construction method

Thanks to the long-lasting and reversible design of prefab bathrooms pods combined with reduced waste and optimal deliveries, the carbon impact of the project is noticeably decreased while the life cycles of the products installed are extended.