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the bathroom pods designed for hospitality industry

The hotel market meets the requirements of industrialization with a large number and a certain repetitiveness of bathrooms within an establishment or at the scale of a hotel chain. The choice of the prefabricated solution guarantees the hotel owner and the project manager a saving of 30% of time in the construction of a hotel room as well as an irreproachable quality entirely controlled in the production plant.

Opt for high-end tailor-made!

standing range


The young Dutch ZOKU is shaking up the codes of the hotel industry by imagining lofts designed for both staying and working. An offer awaited by many digital nomads around the world.


The Easy brand develops its own hotels in Europe and chooses prefabricated bathrooms to equip its rooms.


The young Marriott Group hotel chain has opted for prefabrication for several of its European hotels.
Meticulous finishes and an identity design made in the production plant.


The Gardens of Olympia, a  four range aparthotel on the Mediterranean coast.

We know from site experience that maintaining a high level of finish on all of the bathrooms was going to be difficult. We therefore needed industrial-type rationalization, precision and know-how, allowing increased control of quality and production times.

Agence Rolland & Associates

100 rooms apartment hotel project

The ready to install bathroom developed by BAUDET adapts perfectly not only architects, construction companies, but also the operators and the final users of the hotel Industry. The level of finishes and details are of a higher quality than that which can be observed in traditional building and can be designed according to the request of my customers. The flexibility of the Standing range from BAUDET that managed to respond to all our criteria  is a real asset on the hotel market. And finally, the last big advantage of the prefabricated solution is the speed of installation on site

Thomas Radwoski

Architect for Hospitality projects
concept bathroom