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The BAUDET company is committed to offering a quality product and services: from the design of the bathroom to its connection to the bedroom. The integration of each of these steps within the company is a strength of BAUDET. A single point of contact, the specialist, to support you in your project!

1. A smart design

The BAUDET integrated design office designs bathrooms according to two construction principles, both proven and certified by CSTB.

CSTB certification, a guarantee of quality

The CSTB certificate makes it possible to attest to the performance of a product according to a benchmark and guarantees the consistency of the quality of the bathrooms, in particular by monitoring the manufacturing processes. BAUDET was the first French manufacturer to receive CSTB certification in 2012.

Bathrooms designed to last

The bathrooms pods designed by BAUDET are durable and designed to be functional for a long time. They contrast with the planned obsolescence of goods that we are seeing more and more. BAUDET relies on the quality and reliability of its bathrooms at every point in their production cycle.

BAUDET is also engaged in a predictive maintenance approach with its partner Les artisans de IOT. By integrating precise sensors, our customers are able to manage and anticipate maintenance operations within a controlled budget and without any unpleasant surprises.

In order to extend their lifespan, the Refresh service was created to renovate bathrooms that have been installed for a long time: replacement of equipment, addition of decorative panels, In a reduced time, the bathroom is metamorphosed without loss of operation for the manager.

Controlled energy savings

BAUDET prefabricated bathrooms are designed to control energy costs once installed:


all the electrical equipment chosen has low power consumption: class A +
The bulbs are 100% LED with immediate lighting


All our bathrooms have a double flow flush (3 / 6L)
Mixer taps with integrated flow reducers

The adopted BIM methodology

The BIM process (Buildind Information Modeling) is a process for designing and documenting building and infrastructure projects. Our bathrooms are modeled in 3D by our design office and can be integrated into digital models in order to share information with each building trade. From the design stage and even before the construction of a building, “ready-to-install” bathrooms have the advantage of being able to be introduced into the project in order to validate all interactions with the other lots (ventilation, plumbing, electricity , etc.)

2. Industrialized manufacturing

Industrializing bathrooms has many advantages, the main one being the fully controlled and measurable manufacturing quality in a manufacturing plant.

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manufactured bathrooms

A French production manufacture

The BAUDET manufacturing plant is located in Mouchamps in Vendée (85). On more than 16,000 m², a team of 80 people have a variety of valuable know-how to manufacture, assemble and equip bathroom pods “ready-to-install” bathrooms intended for building construction or renovation projects.

A flexible industry with high potential

BAUDET has a multitude of know-how to manufacture a wide variety of bathrooms. The creation of a bathroom off-site in an industrialized environment replaces a plumber, an electrician, a tiler, a painter, and a plasterer in a traditional environment on the site.

Industrialization thus makes it possible to manufacture a bathroom faster, more than 30 bathrooms are manufactured per day. That is to say only 3 days necessary to equip an establishment with 90 rooms.

The flexible industrial tool adapts its pace according to the needs and the delivery deadlines to be respected on each project.

A reproducible level of quality

A quality department integrated into the manufacturing process is in charge of checking each bathroom pods before it leaves the factory. Over 35 checkpoints are screened before the bathroom is loaded onto the truck and reaches its final destination.

This precision and assurance makes it possible to install only finished and functional bathrooms in an establishment and thus to reduce reserves during the construction phase.

In addition, control also ensures a constant level of quality. The very nature of the industry is to manufacture identically, according to precise specifications, a “ready-to-install” bathroom model chosen by the establishment.

3. Easy installation

Construction site management has always been in BAUDET’s DNA. An expert team is dedicated to installing prefabricated bathrooms pods.
The quick and easy implementation of prefabricated bathrooms is a real advantage over the traditional solution. It allows you to save time, avoid wasting money and meet the opening deadlines of the establishment.

for construction projects

In the case of a new construction, the prefabricated bathrooms are introduced as a single block in the project. The bathrooms are unloaded from the truck and introduced directly into the frame and positioned on the correct floor.

Prefabricated bathrooms can be integrated into the building as it is raised during the shell. They are lifted using a crane which places them in their place before the partitioning of each room.

5 minutes are enough to crane, lift and position a bathroom!

for renovation projects

As part of a renovation or rehabilitation project, it is necessary to adapt to the existing environment: the openings present are often the only access allowing the introduction of prefabricated bathrooms. It can be a complete opening in the front of the building, windows, doors, or simply emergency exits.

The bathroom implementation team adapts and finds solutions for each situation, always taking into account the existing and the presence of occupants in the case of a project on an occupied site. The bathrooms are installed without nuisance, dust and noise.

BAUDET “ready-to-install” bathrooms pods are designed to be disassembled (walls, ceiling, shower tray) in order to be included in complex renovation projects. When no other solution is possible this flexibility and ingenuity in the design allows an establishment to avoid a complete deconstruction that is too expensive and too energy intensive.


Implementation & connections

Once the bathroom has been positioned in its final location, its installation and water connection by the BAUDET team is carried out in just 3 hours. It remains to be done:

  • electricity connection by the electrician
  • the dressing of the bathroom by the plasterer lot