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The BIM (Building Information Modelling) method is now used by all traditional and industrial construction businesses.

BIM is based on 3D files containing data, which means that these files can be shared throughout the project thanks to a unique digital mock-up. BIM is more than a technology, it’s a process or a working method, which can be used to define which party does what, when and within which scope from the design phase for the building, to operations. By centralising data, the mock-up can be used to :

Model spaces,
Map flows,
Calculate structural data,
Calculate energies,
Check interfaces between each trade,
Check compliance with standards,
Check that costs are on budget
Adjust the entire project in real time

As BIM becomes more widespread, prefabrication firms can take their operations a step farther than using exclusively internal resources. These methods are guaranteed to save time and boost efficiency, improving construction processes as a whole. The additional time spent prior to the project defining a bathroom and the entire building will save time when constructing the final product and during project completion.

As a contributor to industrial constructions, Baudet develops all of its bathroom pods using BIM. This approach brings the assurance that our products will be compatible with the works of other project contractors (plumbing, electrics, plasterboard, etc.). Our digital approach aims to improve our coordination with the different project contractors (prime contractor, architect, foreman and other contractors) and efficiently complete a project.

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