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Since 1992, BAUDET has been the specialist in prefabricated bathrooms on the French market. With already more than 60 models of bathrooms in composite materials imagined, BAUDET designs and innovates each year to offer its customers new models of economic and sustainable bathrooms. The BAUDET INITIAL range offers an available catalog of 10 three-function prefabricated bathrooms. They have the advantage of being able to be implemented in your project without necessary preliminary study.

Go for simplicity!

initial range



A solution at the best cost

A catalog of 10 complementary “ready to install” bathrooms suitable for your construction and renovation projects.

This solution induces a reduction in costs on several aspects of the project.

– During the design, with an optimized and industrialized reflection of the bathroom, negotiated and attractive prices.

– During the construction site with the lifting of reserves simplified quickly and a reduction of time spend on site with an immediate financial impact.

– When operating with limited and facilitated maintenance at no additional cost in the long term


Polyester, an unalterable composite material

Made from composite material, BAUDET INITIAL “ready-to-install” bathrooms are built to last.

The strength and resistance of the composite make them durable against successive occupants throughout their lifespan (hostel for young workers, student residences, social housing).

Polyester is a material that is easy to maintain and repair when needed.

Finally, BAUDET INITIAL “ready-to-install” bathrooms can be renovated using the Refresh service. A service that increases their estimated lifespan to over 30 years.

salles de bain préfabriquée 3 fonctions
chambre étudiant salle de bain privative
salle de bain polyester imitation carrelage