rétrospective 2020-salle de bain préfabriquée santé

A look back over 2020 – Baudet innovates for healthcare facilities !

BAUDET Innovations for Healthcare Facilities

  • Healthcare facilities were subjected to unusually high demands in 2020. Some of our regular customers, hospitals and elderly care homes, were required to close. The healthcare teams benefitting from our innovations have been under intense pressure.

Baudet has been renowned on the healthcare facility markets for over 20 years and once again proved its ability to innovate to assist these teams in 2020 thanks to :

  • Over 650 new-generation ACCESS’ bathrooms installed in elderly care homes: combining polyester structure and metal structure, offering a comfortable, safe and pleasant user experience, resembling a hotel rather than a hospital. Baudet is committed to producing ever more welcoming bathrooms with a range of wall finishes (tiling, stratified panels, multi-coloured coatings, etc.) and designed for residential use.
  • Major innovations to the benefit of patented healthcare facilities. The Easy Moove system was installed in France for the
    first time in the Les Oiseaux elderly care home in Quimper (Brittany). Active innovation making it easier for healthcare workers to fulfil their roles, improving the comfort of residents, and boosting the appeal of facilities and the healthcare
    profession in general.
  • Designing hotel bathrooms in compliance with PRM standards with a fully tiled shower tray with built-in gradients. One major upgrade led to the proposal of 100% leaktight one-piece shower trays with various types of trims, in compliance with the applicable standards. This upgrade was compatible with bathrooms “just like at home” for residents and patients.

Despite the cancellation of the SANTEXPO trade fair, where Baudet had planned to display its new prefabricated bathroom pods, 2020 was a year full of projects and new prospects. This is our way of thanking our partners for their investment during this pandemic.

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