imitation carrelage salle de bain préfabriquée

A look back over 2020 – Prefabricated bathrooms to match new housing types

New housing challenges in 2020

During this somewhat unusual year, the murky border between workspace and home space has become very obvious with the mandatory rise in working from home. Each and every one of us was required to spend more time at home than usual, and the
desire for a higher quality, better designed home with nicer trims was felt on the market, for all types of projects (council housing and student halls of residence).

Shared accommodation, co-housing, inter-generational homes, shared rentals and flexi-homes are all new types of dwellings and increasingly centre stage in 2020.

Now more than ever, the reversibility and durability of buildings are a key feature of the architectural design of student halls of residence, council housing and all types of accommodation.

In 2020, Baudet proposed hands-on solutions to meet these new needs :

  • – The possibility to adapt the dimensions of bathrooms to the different housing units as part of the same project. In 2020,
    Baudet participated in several projects for a whole new type of student halls of residence, sometimes incorporating housing units designed for one to four inhabitants. 
    The SMART range offers precisely this flexibility and adaptability.

  •  Creating imitation tiling on polyester walls. This solution maintains all the benefits of polyester (no seals, easy to clean, leaktight) while offering a more stylish and residential look, with a controlled budget.

Several student halls of residence were also completed in Great Britain in 2020, including 500 bathroom pods supplied to a university campus.

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