Are prefabricated bathroom pods suitable for your project ?

Are you wondering if your project and its specific configuration are compatible with a prefabricated bathroom? We suggest you try
our guide. Check out the six key indicators to be taken into account when considering a prefabricated solution with peace of mind.

1. How large is your project ?

Prefabricated bathroom pods must be manufactured in sufficient quantities to justify design, production and installation costs. Buildings such as residences, hotels, apartment-style hotels, student housing and retirement homes are all ideal. Specialist industrial firms recommend a quantity of between 50 and 100 bathrooms for this type of project. It will probably be worthwhile prefabricating your bathrooms for 50+ units for more technical healthcare facilities such as elderly care homes and hospitals.

Key points: A prefabricated solution is worth considering from 50 bathrooms and up! The more bathrooms you need, the more worthwhile a prefabricated approach will prove thanks to significant economies of scale for materials and personnel.

Chantier salle de bain - BAUDET

2. How many different types of bathrooms are required for your project (configurations, trims) ?

Each specific bathroom design must be prepared and developed separately. Projects with a streamlined number of configurations will be more optimal and less costly. Using the same finishing touches in each bathroom will also lead to economies of scale, just like the main configuration, reducing the investment required. The bathroom prefabrication specialist recommends no more than three bathroom models per project.

salle de bain - BAUDET
solution sanitaire industrielle - BAUDET
salle de bain industrielle - BAUDET

3. Describe the planned dimensions for your bathrooms ?

By designing prefabricated bathrooms with a maximum width of 2.40 m, the final product can be quickly and profitably delivered using a standard semi-trailer. In addition, the main benefits of a prefabricated product are achieved when both the design and transport are optimal. This aspect is systematically examined in the preliminary stage of a project in order to guarantee the best possible solution, at the least possible cost, while ensuring a responsible approach.

Key points: The bathroom can be freely designed, no specific dimensions are required, however maximum volumes must not be exceeded to optimise transport costs.

4. At what stage is your project ?

Prefabricated bathrooms should ideally be integrated at an early stage, during drafting or the preliminary design phase. Nonetheless, thanks to the modular and light characteristics of prefabricated bathrooms, they can also be integrated during the final design phase of a project. Prefabricated bathrooms should preferably be integrated in the project as early as possible to obtain the full benefits of simple project management. If this option is chosen too late, interfaces with other trades, with existing contracts, would need rethinking, adapting and modifying.

Key points: Despite the fact that prefabricated solutions can be adapted to significant technical constraints, the earlier is still the better.

plan d'un immeuble - projet salle de bain - BAUDET

5. Is your project a construction or renovation ?

Prefabricated bathrooms are compatible with both new constructions and renovation projects. Installation conditions will be easier with a new construction. However, with a renovation project, prefabricated bathrooms can also be introduced using means other than cranes: large-span openings in the façade or through existing windows or doors.

Key points: Manufacturers of prefabricated components hold the necessary expertise and agility to integrate bathrooms in any type of project.

installation d'une salle de bain hors site - BAUDET

6. Where is your project located ?

One of the main advantages of prefabricated bathroom solutions is that the ever-growing labour shortages at construction sites are no longer a problem. This solution replaces over six trades, which can be difficult to obtain in due time (electricians, plumbers, tilers, plasterboard specialists, painters, etc.). Opting for prefabricated bathrooms in an area facing labour shortages is one means of preventing any quality problems and any delays due to overworked construction contractors. Prefabricated bathrooms also provide a guarantee that construction workers will not be required to work in extreme or uncontrollable weather conditions. Prefabricated bathrooms reach the site as a final product, in due time.

Key points: Prefabricated bathrooms are an option whenever labour shortages are an issue.

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