Back stage at the Stream Building : validation of the first prefabricated bathroom in the Zoku hotel !

Validation of the first prefabricated bathroom at Hotel Zoku

Baudet also regularly invites its partners to come and visit its production plant prior to a project or during the preparation of a mock-up or first-off production to ensure that all aspects are approved.

This approach reflects our state-of-mind, we aim to work jointly with our customers, operate transparently and listen to our partners.

Stream building teams visited Mouchamps on this basis, for discussions in a light-hearted, but professional, working environment. The SPIE BATIGNOLLES team in charge of the project was present, supported by the real estate investors and managers, Hines and Covivio, the prime contractor Builders & Partners, the project architect PCA-Stream and the hotel operator ZOKU who partnered with Baudet to co-design the bathrooms for their future hotel in Paris.

After a brief presentation and tour around our showroom, the partners were shown the first prefabricated bathroom, and
declared their satisfaction with the neat and stylish finish. The customised prefabricated bathroom designed for this project is part of our Baudet STANDING approach. A customised approach offering a unique design, unfailing quality and the flexibility to adjust some aspects.

The attendees also visited the production line for the 105 prefabricated bathrooms intended for the Zoku hotel. These bathrooms are expected to be delivered in July 2021.

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