balea-salle de bain préfabriquée ehpad résidence seniors

BALEA, the best-selling prefabricated bathroom for elderly care homes !

The versatility of the BALÉA PRM bathroom

In just two years, the BALÉA bathroom has established its ranking as the best-seller on the healthcare facility market, especially for elderly care homes, with over 850 models installed.

This prefabricated bathroom pod complies with PRM standards and trims can be adapted to meet the needs of the project :

  • 100% tiled, in a hotel style
  • stratified decorative panels, which look cosy, ideal for residential purposes
  • single-colour wall decorations in carefully-selected hues to create a trendy, but timeless look
  • finally, the gel coat finish can also be used if facilities prefer this option
  • this bathroom pod is also compatible with the Easy Moove system enabling easy transfers and protecting the independence of users

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