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The advantages of industrialised bathroom pods

Market demands mean that we have to constantly offer quick and cheaper solutions.

The industrial solution combines both the required quality and essential reactivity.

This is the choice BAUDET has made for the last 25 years for designing and manufacturing polyester bathroom pods. By inventing the solutions of tomorrow, BAUDET is visionary and meets the expectations of the market forces.

concept baudet


  • The bathrooms can be manufactured whilst the building site is being prepared and the building works are being launched
  • Bathrooms delivered just-in-time
  • Timed bathroom installations according to the defined schedule
  • Deadlines met

See our cost and deadline optimisation promise


  • Over 150,000 bathroom pods already manufactured
  • 100% water tight
  • Controlled assembly on a production line
  • Methodical quality control in the factory with 35 inspection points
  • Replicable quality
  • Bathrooms fully tested before they leave the factory

An industrial solution as a guarantee of quality


  • A dedicated manager to replace several trades (plumber, electrician, tiler, painter, plasterer, etc.)
  • Simplified logistics
  • Reduced coordination time
  • Simplified withdrawals of reservations


  • Better waste management in a controlled environment
  • Total control of the materials chosen
  • Preliminary tests possible to design bathrooms that save on water and electricity
  • Compliance with building standards


  • The speed of installation means time savings that have immediate financial impacts.
  • No delays
  • Deadlines met

See our cost and deadline optimisation promise


  • Industrial manufacturing limits on-site work time and reduces related risks
  • Less noise pollution on the building site and its surrounds
  • Less hazardous work at heights
  • Continuous training of the teams