salle de bain pour établissement de santé

BAUDET prefabricated bathrooms, the allies of healthcare establishments

The bathroom is an important and highly technical space in a healthcare facility. 

It is also a place, when poorly designed, where many accidents and falls may occur. The floor finish must be free of obstacles and non-slippery despite the presence of water. It has to be accessible by all, even the least mobile: cane, walker, wheelchair, etc. They have to comply with existing local DDA Regulations !

Prefabricated bathroom is therefore a proven solution for this type of establishment with strict specifications. Let’s go back to what makes a bathroom prefabricated, and precisely our bathrooms, the true allies of healthcare establishments !

Bathrooms specially designed for healthcare establishments

So that our concept meets local regulations for health sector, there are several elements that have to be present in our bathrooms  that allow them to be practical, hygienic and easily accessible space.

Non-slip floor finish

Non-slip floor finish

Slip resistance
Our floors comply with current non-slip rating (DIN 51130). With an R10 rating, there is no risk of falling, even barefoot on wet ground. This floor is guaranteed for 10 years.

No obstacle
Our bathroom floor structures are designed in one piece (watertightness guarantee) integrating a slope towards the shower drain. No obstacles for people lacking balance. A wheelchair can easily move around there 

Floor with skirting in one piece
The floor with skirting in one piece  guarantees easy cleaning and perfect waterproofing.

2.Visuel article n°1 normes PMR
Compliance with French DDA regulations

Compliance with French DDA regulations

Turning circle
Our bathrooms take into account the most recent French standards Turning circle of 150mm, necessary space below the sink and around the toilet… Everything is easily accessible.

DDA accessories
Accessories provide support for people with disabilities and special needs in maintaining independence and providing security; all are tested and approved by the inspection bodies. The NYLON range in polyamide has a structured non-slip surface to facilitate gripping. The CAVERE range combines refinement and elegance so that utility combines with aesthetics.

Space for staff
We design our bathrooms with the requirements and constraints of nursing staff in mind in order to facilitate their work and their actions with patients.

Hygiène & Facilité d'entretien
Hygiene and ease of maintenance

Hygiene and ease of maintenance

No seal
A structure designed without joints to avoid any risk of water stagnation and mold.

Easy water use
A bathroom that is 100% waterproof over its entire structure (floor, wall, accessories, ceiling).

GRP Easy-to-clean
A very durable and smooth material, which can be easily cleaned with a damp soaped sponge.

Floor with pure finish
A pure, high-strength finish that guarantees low maintenance and reduces maintenance costs. A damp cloth is sufficient for daily cleaning.

Smart design

Smart design

We study every corner of our bathrooms to optimize space and in particular storage : furniture, maintaining access, recessed and fixed shelves, etc.

Used materials
Polyester has many advantages : it prevents corrosion, it is naturally insulating, and easily repairable in the event of even a significant impact. It also guarantees a reasonable weight for our bathrooms.

Technical access
Our bathrooms have a quickly dismountable access hatch to the connections to facilitate maintenance.

The advantages of the prefabricated solution for healthcare establishments are :

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