Compliance with PRM standards for bathrooms

Since the Order of 20 April 2017, all public access buildings (ERP or Établissements Recevant du Public in French) must comply with a certain number of accessibility standards during construction or renovation phases.

What role do PRM standards play ?

PRM standards encompass a series of mandatory regulations used to ensure that people with reduced mobility can access buildings and move around as easily as individuals with unrestricted mobility. These standards may relate to outdoor areas, common areas and private areas in any site open to the public: public venues, small local shops, etc.

salle de pain préfabriquée - normes PMR - BAUDET

                                                                           Accessible bathroom space

French PRM law

The first French law on accessibility was ratified in 2005. Texts have been amended on several occasions since that time.
The first amendment occurred in 2014 with a major order specifying provisions for wheelchair users. The second order was ratified on 20 April 2017 and only applies to new buildings.

French law considers the condition of the building: new constructions, renovations, extensions and sometimes the date on the building permit. Requirements differ depending on whether the building already exists or is new.

Opting for accessible bathrooms adapted for people with reduced mobility

Designing a bathroom in compliance with PRM standards is no minor detail. Some parameters must be strictly studied :

  • Location and height of the toilet seat
  • Clearance under the sink unit
  • Height and number of grab bars
  • Preferred tap types
  • Necessary shower space
  • Clearance width for movements
  • Positions of maneuvering spaces
  • Flooring types and anti-slip properties
  • Authorised gradients
  • Equipment colours

If these parameters are entrusted to a professional, they can guarantee a certain level of autonomy for persons with reduced mobility and their safety in the intimacy of the bathroom.

For specific types of construction or renovation projects in sites open to the public, such as hotels, residences, hospitals, elderly care homes, maternity wards, etc. a bathroom specialist should ideally be called in. Check out our bathrooms designed to meet the applicable PRM standards.

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