Discover BAUDET bathroom pods on video !

Since September 2023, BAUDET has launched a new broadcast format to highlight their different bathroom pods. This new tool, very popular today, is none other than video.

In these videos, the bathroom pods are put into action, in movement, it’s not like a single picture, it allows you to have a 360° view of the pod.

Bathroom pods : two constructive principles highlighted

Through these videos, BAUDET highlights two distinct constructive principles.
Indeed, with 30 years of experience in off-site modular construction, BAUDET has developed two approaches that are as complementary as they are distinct, making it possible to offer bathroom pods for any type of project:


1/ The custom-made bathroom pod thanks to the flexibility of the metallic structure

BAUDET makes it possible to combine freedom of design with the advantages of the industrialization of bathroom pods thanks to a new uninhibited, free and visionary approach.


With the flexibility of the metallic structure, the mold constraint being exceeded, BAUDET can industrialize any bathroom pod on any project.

2/ The on-range bathroom pod with the GRP structure

Historical know-how of BAUDET, the creation of bathroom pods in GRP structure responds to a logic of investment in allready sized molds. Thanks to a system of assembling different walls, several combinations are possible and make it possible to offer various models of bathroom pods in GRP structure.


The bathroom pods in our range can be personalized : choice of colors, numerous equipment/accessories are possible so that they remain unique and adapted to the image of the establishment in which they will be installed.

BAUDET bathroom pods are brighting for the end of 2023 ! 

Discover our latest bathroom pods in video !

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