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Construction site management has always been in BAUDET’s DNA. An expert team is dedicated to installing “ready-to-install” bathrooms.

The quick and easy implementation of prefabricated bathrooms is a real advantage over the traditional solution. It allows you to save time, avoid wasting money and meet the opening deadlines of the establishment.


for construction projects

In the case of a new construction, the prefabricated bathrooms are introduced as a single block in the project. The bathrooms are unloaded from the truck and introduced directly into the frame and positioned on the correct floor.

Prefabricated bathrooms can be integrated into the building as it is raised during the shell. They are lifted using a crane which places them in their place before the partitioning of each room.

5 minutes are enough to crane, lift and position a bathroom!

for renovation projects

As part of a renovation or rehabilitation project, it is necessary to adapt to the existing environment: the openings present are often the only access allowing the introduction of prefabricated bathrooms. It can be a complete opening in the front of the building, windows, doors, or simply emergency exits.

The bathroom implementation team adapts and finds solutions for each situation, always taking into account the existing and the presence of occupants in the case of a project on an occupied site. The bathrooms are installed without nuisance, dust and noise.

BAUDET “ready-to-install” bathrooms are designed to be disassembled (walls, ceiling, shower tray) in order to be included in complex renovation projects. When no other solution is possible this flexibility and ingenuity in the design allows an establishment to avoid a complete deconstruction that is too expensive and too energy intensive.

Implementation & connections


Once the bathroom has been positioned in its final location, its installation and water connection by the BAUDET team is carried out in just 3 hours. It remains to be done:

  • electricity connection by the electrician
  • the dressing of the bathroom by the plasterer lot


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