How to renovate your bathrooms without operating losses ?

Are the bathrooms in your facility looking like they need a little TLC? You’d love to replace them as they no longer reflect the image of your facility ?

Whether your project involves a hotel, healthcare facility, care home or student hall of residence, you are facing user requirements which must be considered in order to generate monthly turnover and as you cannot close your facility. Which is entirely normal !

One solution is available which avoids the need to change your prefabricated bathrooms, and can be rapidly and efficiently implemented without any interruptions to use: Refresh! This service was developed by the leader on the prefabricated bathroom market and is dedicated to quick, low-cost and eco-friendly renovations for prefabricated bathrooms.

Hotel IBIS ACCOR avant la rénovation de la salle de bain - BAUDET




1. No demolition required

When it comes to deciding how to renovate your bathrooms, you need to consider the impact on the bedroom, on the facility itself, and on occupants. The Refresh service offers one key benefit : the existing structure is not demolished, Baudet simply adapts to it, whatever was completed many years ago.

By opting for the Refresh service, the partitions stay in place and there is no need to clear out a ton of debris !

Studies are required for this solution, but the whole process is less invasive and more eco-responsible. The renovation starts with the existing structure, retains all solid components and replaces elements which are either no longer appropriate or too old fashioned for an all-new, more modern and comfortable space !

2. Forget any disturbance during the renovation

By renovating without demolishing the existing structure, you also avoid the disturbance demolition brings. The Refresh service avoids any noise pollution, not to mention dust. This offers a real advantage, allowing for works while the facility is in use, without disturbing either occupants or customers. Finally, this leads to a rapid delivery thanks to a much shorter cleaning and renovation

Chambre Korian avant rénovation de la salle de bain - BAUDET


Chambre Korian - BAUDET


3. Forget any operating losses during the renovation

As an industrial operator, Baudet listens to both its partners and customers and has designed its Refresh service to avoid any operating or financial losses. Works are organised during the day, and the bathroom is fully available for use each evening. The renovations are completed the following day. With this approach, the facility maintains full use of its spaces and bedrooms with no operating losses.

The bathroom renovation process is designed and adapted for each individual project, to allow for almost uninterrupted use during the works.

Works periods are adapted to each project: either during a period when the facility is closed, or during academic holidays for student halls of residences, to give just two examples.

4. Astounding results

Without touching the actual bathroom structure, our Refresh service can totally transform prefabricated bathrooms !

With this transformation :

  • The toilet cistern, bowl and control panel are replaced.
  • Accessories are replaced (roll holder, towel rail, etc.).
  • Mixer taps, shower and basin tap accessories are replaced.
  • One or several decorative touches are added. Depending on project details and the allocated budget, this may include stickers, decorative panels or wood effect trims.
  • The flooring is replaced.
  • The basin is replaced.
  • Accessories are added (mirror, customised storage, shower curtain, etc.).
  • Lights are adapted by selecting a suitable colour and power.

The final result will depend on the expectations of facilities. Users will be left with the impression that they have a whole new bathroom !

Refresh Novotel - salle de bain avant rénovation - BAUDET


rénovation de salle de bain préfabriquée - BAUDET


5. A more eco-responsible solution

Finally, this more eco-responsible solution can extend the lifecycles of bathrooms in the facility. By preventing an over-hasty demolition and the production of unnecessary new materials, your facility is acting responsibly and taking full advantage of the existing structure. And not only is the Baudet Refresh service preferable in terms of resources, it is also more cost effective.

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