Obtaining FDES : what does it mean in practice ?

BAUDET, French leader in prefabricated bathrooms since 1992, has obtained an FDES (Environmental and Health Declaration Sheet) for his bathrooms in polyester structure.

His interests, the elements constituting this sheet, its methodology… Overview to understand the issue of an FDES.

What is an FDES ? What is it for ?

FDES, it is the acronym of « Environmental and Health Declaration Sheet ». It’s a technical document which study the environmental impact of a product throughout its duration of use – this includ the production, the use and the product life end.

The FDES is the id environmental card of the products base on the results of his life cycle analysis (ACV), from the perspective of calculating the environmental performance of the building. They take into account the entire life cycle of the product, from the extraction of raw materials to its end of life, without forgetting the transport, implementation and use of the product itself.

The FDES constitute thereby a major tool multi-criteria allowing to help professionals in their choice of making a building more sustainable, with limited impacts on the environment, all to create a healthy atmosphere for future users.

Wich are the criteria to evaluate the environnemental impact of a product ?

The criterias to evaluate the environnemental impact of a product are many and can vary depending on function of the product and of is life cycle. However, here are some of the criterias the most commonly used :

  • The naturals resources depletion : It’s about the used quantity of the naturals ressources to product a prodcut. The naturals ressources can includ water, the minerals, the fossil fuels, etc.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions : the greenhouse gas emissions are mesure on terms of CO2 equivalent and are linked to the product’s contribution to climate change
  • The pollution of air and water : mesures the quantities of pollutants emitted by the product
  • The production of waste : mesures the quantités of waste generat by the product
  • The use of energy : mesures the quantités of energy need to make the product

It is important to note that these criteria are not exhaustive and that other criteria may be used depending on the product and its life cycle.

Why realise FDES for his products ?

Obtain an environmental data sheet for a product offer benefits like the clearness, informed decision making, regulatory compliance and the ability to optimize processes to reduce overall environmental impact. This fits in an increasingly essential sustainability approach in the building sector.

It’s also a way to stand out from the competition. Today, BAUDET also has the best carbon footprint on its products compared to the competition!

Concretely, the FDES allow ti help the profesionals to choose the products participating to make a building more durable to limit those enviromentals impacts. To compare the porducts between them, to choose the more virtuous products and to participat to the reduction of carbon footprint, this to what serve the FDES sheets !

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