Bois Fleuri elderly care home – Guebwiller

Installation of 120 prefabricated bathrooms in a new Ehpad in Guebwiller

After partnering with Colmar Hospital and B+B Architects on several occasions, particularly for the maternity unit in Colmar, BAUDET was once again selected for kitting out the new elderly care home in the region. Colmar Hospital is responsible for assisting and supporting Guebwiller Hospital with its plans to construct a new elderly care home.

The Guebwiller elderly care home designed by B+B Architects will showcase the historical villa in the village by locating the common areas inside the building. A new and modern construction will be added to house private areas. The 120 rooms in the new healthcare facility are all equipped with prefabricated bathrooms compatible with medical requirements. These bathrooms were selected thanks to their interior design, which gives a residential touch, ensuring the residents feel just like at home. These pods are known to be long-lasting and quality products on the healthcare facility market. Finally, the bathrooms comply with the latest applicable PRM standards and bring comfort and safety to residents, not forgetting the healthcare workers. The selected bathrooms are from the BAUDET ACCESS’ range.

Photo :  B+B Architectes

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Number of bathrooms :


Architect :

B+B Architects

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Customer :

Guebwiller Hospital

Engineering firm :

SERUE Ingénierie