Circus Street programme – Brighton

Offsite bathrooms for the Circus Street project in Brighton

BAUDET was selected to participate in the Circus Street project due to take shape in Brighton. This programme was designed by shedkm, and will include 450 student dwellings, 142 residential flats, 2,700 m² of offices and a public exhibition space. Thanks to the public-private partnership between U+I and the City of Brighton, the former fruit and vegetable market was converted into a cultural space. A new square will be set up for traders, restaurants and stores around Circus Street. A dance school and cultural space will transform this site into a quality hotspot for arts, culture and creativity in the city of Brighton. Henry Construction was selected as the prime contractor for this project.

Type of project :


Number of bathrooms :


Prime contractor :

Henry Construction

Customer :

U+I and the city of Brighton

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