IBIS Cologne

The IBIS hotel in Cologne was looking for a quick, low-cost and efficient solution to give its bathrooms a fresh look. The bathrooms were fitted around 20 years ago, and no longer looked fashionable or trendy. A modernisation plan was key to ensuring customer loyalty. These bathrooms were still functional and in use, and did not need fully replacing.

The Refresh service is precisely designed to modify bathroom structures and design in record time. Teams took five consecutive weeks to renovate 175 bathrooms. That’s 35 bathrooms renovated each week ! What a challenge ! The works schedule was agreed with the hotel manager to fit in with the requirements of the hotel and its customers.

The results speak for themselves : a pleasant bathroom with plenty of light, an as-new finish without the upset, dust and noise of a full demolition process.

Type of project :

Total Refresh

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Type of bathroom :

BAUDET polyester bathroom, installed between 2002 and 2009