IBIS – Hamburg

IBIS and BAUDET’s REFRESH service for the hotel’s prefabricated bathrooms

The IBIS hotel in Hamburg comprises 159 rooms, with one bathroom in each. The current rooms were completed between 2002 and 2008 and were starting to feel dated and lacking a modern touch! To keep its customers happy, the hotel decided to bring a new modern look to its bathrooms.

The Refresh department stepped in with a quick, efficient and precise proposal. The bathrooms received a total make-over by adding decorative panels, replacing the bathroom equipment and making a few structural modifications! The new bathrooms feel bigger, the lighting is improved and the user experience is more pleasant. It took a mere five consecutive weeks to achieve these results for a total of 175 bathrooms hitting the Refresh button. Our teams used a methodic and discreet approach throughout the hotel.


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Total Refresh

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Baudet bathrooms, installed between 2002 and 2009