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BAUDET renovates the bathrooms of Première Classe hotels

There is 30 years, Louvre Hotel trusted BAUDET to equip the First Class Hotels, it’s the beggigning of a beautiful collaboration, and above all for BAUDET, the beginning in the hotel sector.

30 years later, the story repeats itself : Louvre Hotel trust us again for their new bathrooms ! In fact, the First Class Hotels are going to get a makeover and we are participing at this beautiful challenge to replace the bathrooms installed 30 years ago, with a new bathroom, on the existing dimensions.

This project demonstrates the sustainability and quality of our products : our bathrooms are not replaced for wear and tear, they remain functional ! This is mainly about design and modernity to bring up to date.

Our BAUDET prefaricated solution allows us to simply dismantle of our old bathrooms to install our new bathrooms in place. This avoid the intervention of différents trades who in traditional solution must necessarily intervene in turn.

The delivery of the First Class Hotel at Freyming Merlebach is done : 68 prefabricated new bathrooms are install.

It’s with pleasure all BAUDET team has done this mission, thanks for your according trust.

👉 Discover on video the new bathroom ZORA

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