Residence Sud’Alternance, residence for work-study students

Prefab bathroom for work-study students

In the continuation of the creation of the regional pole of higher learning, the region wished to provide a residence for work-study students. The issue of housing is central for work-study students who often navigate between their place of study at school and their place of apprenticeship in a company.

The new Sud’alternance residence is a response to these difficulties. The residence offers accommodation for up to 100 work-study students in 18m² studios, all equipped with a private student bathroom pods .

The bathrooms chosen have 3 functions: washbasin, shower and WC to guarantee the comfort of students during their stay in Montpellier. Students will pay rent in proportion to their attendance time by reserving in advance the weeks and days when they need accommodation. This residence will therefore serve well over 100 students in the region. It is the third residence of this type in France after those of Strasbourg and Tours.

The 100 “ready-to-install” bathrooms are delivered as the structural work progresses and the 2-storey building rises. They are then placed at the right level using a crane. An invaluable time saver on this 2,860 m² project.

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Montpellier student office

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