Tours Elithis – build of positive energy housing

BAUDET bathrooms serving a positive energy project

Build responsibly by controlling energies, it’s all the this is the whole challenge that Elithis addresses.

In fact, the Elithis towers located in different locations in France, produce more energy than they consume. The energy bill is not only canceled, it is even sometimes negative!

To succeed in the challenge of building new generation structures at a controlled cost, Elithis turns to industrial solutions with the prefabricated bathrooms

After Dijon and Saint-Etienne, Elithis renew our partnership with the tower under building at Mulhouse where we are delivering 64 prefabricated bathroom and it’s not finish ; at the beginning of 2024, 76 bathrooms will be deliver at Le Havre.

Thank you for the trust placed; we are proud to put our knowledge and all the benefits of the prefabricated solution at the service of projects that preserve energy and the environment!

© 1st photo – Tour Elithis Dijon : Infos Dijon
© BAUDET bathroom of the project & photos of the construction site : BAUDET

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Architect :

Arte Charpentier | Coldefy | drlwarchitectes | PPX ARCHITECTES

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Metallic structure