“UNIK” housing for French soldiers

BAUDET prefabricated bathrooms for military housing

Since 2 years now, it’s with pleasure and pride that BAUDET participates in the #UNIK operation which aims to rethink and modernize military housing in France.

This framework contract concluded between the Ministry of the Armed Forces and Bouygues Bâtiment France aims to design, build, fit out, upkeep and maintain military accommodation buildings.

As an industrial partner in this major project, we are supplying no less than 2,390 prefabricated bathrooms in total.

At this day, 1 958 bathrooms pods had already been delivered.

The adventure carrie on with again 15 constructions sites in the following months.

The UNIK projects implement sustainable and innovative construction techniques off-site. All BAUDET teams are proud to be able to support our partners and participate in this great challenge promoting industrial expertise. A big thanks for the trust given and for highlighting the off-site sector.

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Metallic structure