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Reduce project lead times thanks to “ready-to-install” bathroom pods

Are you looking for a way to optimise your new project and cut back on lead times ?
Some technical batches require more time and coordination resources than others. Bathrooms are one of them! These rooms incorporate a wide range of different types of expertise into a fairly small space: plumbing, electrics, plasterboard, tiling, paint, etc. All of these trades bring potential delays which can act as dominoes, slowing the project as a whole.

Prefabricated bathrooms can provide the answer. Baudet can boast over 25 years of specific expertise in the production of full bathroom pods, including floor coverings and taps/valves. Our bathroom pods reach the construction site ready to be connected to plumbing and the power grid. A quick and reliable plug & play system allowing each bathroom pod to be delivered and installed in less than 2 hours versus almost 5 days using a traditional construction method.

With an industrial approach to bathrooms, you can reduce the lead time for your project by 30% on average. Hotel operators frequently agree that, as stated by the Deputy CEO for Bouygues Bâtiment Île de France, “thanks to this system, we can construct a hotel room in three and a half weeks, versus six weeks under standard conditions”.

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