The BALÉA PMR prefabricated bathroom

The BALÉA prefabricated bathroom meets current PRM standards, and its angled door makes it easier to leave the bathroom and return to the bedroom area. A polyester version is available for the most sensitive environments such as hospitals and elderly care homes, and a multi-material version (stratified panels, tiling, coloured PVC coating, etc.) is available for other contexts.

This bathroom is compatible with the Easy Moove system.

Standards and certifications :
  • Technical advice CSTB n° 9/15-1019
  • Technical advice CSTB n°9/21-1070
  • Compliance with regulations PMR

Equipment, structures, connections…

For more information, download the product technical datasheet.

Bathroom dimensions

Including trims

plan salle de bain balea
Table of models

Our bathrooms can adapt to the layout of your spaces :