Say hello to a connected mirror for your bathroom

miroir connecté salle de bain care os - BAUDET

                                                                                                 Connected mirror care oS

How do you fancy saving time on a morning ? Just think, you could check your emails, read the news or take a quick look at your health indicators, or the weather forecast for the day before you decide what to wear, etc.

All of this is possible thanks to the arrival of connected mirrors in our bathrooms !

This is no mere gadget, connected mirrors are doors to a marvel of technological innovation and offer real services to users. Connected mirrors are popular and will undoubtedly feature in all bathrooms in the coming years. Technology is entering the world of well-being and contributing to our daily lives and health.

Thanks to LEDs, connected mirrors can be used to consult information and also interact !

miroir connecté salle de bain smart mirror - BAUDET

                                    SMART MIRROR

miroir connecté salle de bain ekko - BAUDET

                                EKKO connected mirror

The smart daily option

  • Lighting levels can be adjusted to gently wake you up every morning and match your preferences.
  • Zoom into your reflection for even more detail.
  • Check in on your indoor variables: air quality, consumption, etc.
  • Enjoy voice commands for your bathroom: turning off the lights and the tap just got really easy.

100% connected, you're covered !

  • Check the weather to decide what to wear.
  • Check your diary so no appointment gets left out.
  • Listen to the news right out of bed, or just relax to the sound of your favourite radio station.
  • Take full advantage of the time spent brushing your teeth to check your emails and social media.
  • And with built-in television, you won’t even miss your favourite programme.

Monitoring your health

The connected mirror can provide discreet daily indicators, working hand in hand with healthcare facilities and medical staff. Key mirror features :

  • Check your eyesight
  • Call your doctor or a specialist with video
  • Try a few morning exercises to wake up your muscles

Bring your guide right into your bathroom

Whether you are on a business trip or on holiday, connected mirrors await you in your hotel bathroom :

  • Schedule your hotel check-out or ask for room service.
  • Take a look at the menu before heading down to the hotel restaurant.
  • Check for road traffic info.
  • Ask for an itinerary to save time.
  • Obtain tips on tourist attractions or must-see places in the region.

Your image coach

  • Try a new virtual hairstyle or make-over.
  • If it looks great, just follow your mirror’s tutorial.

What’s more, all of this information can be shared via your mobile thanks to a specific application. Connected mirrors are now making an appearance in homes, healthcare facilities and even hotels for enhanced user experience.

Top names

  • Care OS has received an impressive number of awards. This mirror was designed by the Baracoda group, which specialises
    in preventive healthcare and the IOT.
  • Smart Mirror developed by the German firm, ad notam.
  • EKKO, the connected mirror manufactured in France and sold by Miliboo.

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