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The Moxy hotel chain chooses Baudet prefabricated bathroom pods

Ready-to-install bathrooms for hotels

Moxy, the new Marriott hotel brand, operates over 6 500 hotels, and can boast a “boutique hotel concept for modern travellers”. Moxy hotels are available in every city centre and offer designer rooms at competitive prices. Living areas are brightly coloured,
lively and conducive to discussion, as Moxy aims to provide an original travel experience to attract and retain its customers.

Construction management teams for several Moxy hotels in Germany and Switzerland have already chosen Baudet’s industrial solution for all of their bathrooms. By saving both manhours and cash, hotels can be completed more rapidly and open on time. The Baudet STANDING range offers a customisable look, and Moxy used this flexibility to design bathrooms in its own style: trendy and fashionable ! Our team of engineers can also study any technical requirements laid down by some hotels during the preliminary stages in order to find the right solution for each project.

Thanks to the industrial approach to hotel market bathrooms, equipment can be produced ahead of time, delivered when required and hotel rooms can be ready in half the expected time.

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