The tallest modular hotel is currently being constructed in the United States

Marriott, the international hotel group with 6 200 establishments will open a new hotel at the heart of Manhattan in Autumn
2020. Why is this hotel special ? The new hotel will be the tallest modular hotel to date.

             Prefabricated module of the Marriott Hotel – AC HOTEL NEW YORK NOMAD – DANNY FOSTER & ARCHITECTURE

Rooms are delivered ready-to-install

This tower is 110 metres high, about the same as the Arche de la Défense in Paris, and will house over 650 rooms on 26 floors, not forgetting a rooftop right in the centre of New York.

The AC Hotel New York NoMad is currently under construction and was designed based on prefabricated pods. The rooms reach the site after completion. When they are assembled, they have already been coated, painted, kitted out and fully decorated: from the pre-installed bed to the shampoo that awaits in the shower! The roof and rooftop are also designed as industrial modules. On the other hand, all of the common areas are constructed using traditional techniques.

            Prefabricated room of the Marriott Hotel – AC HOTEL NEW YORK NOMAD – DANNY FOSTER & ARCHITECTURE

Marriott, an active contributor to off-site construction

Marriott’s decision saves a considerable amount of time, during both the construction and erection phases of the future hotel. In addition to constructing the building rapidly, the hotel group admits that the industrial approach ensures that the level of quality and finish are controlled and consistent throughout the project. Furthermore, this approach sidesteps any labour shortages and is environmentally preferable, encouraging constructors and customers to look to new construction methods.

As well as representing an architectural feat, this project is something of a symbol for Marriott. By taking up position as a supporter of industrial construction methods, the hotel chain is sending out a strong message to the US construction sector as a whole: industrial components are the future for construction !

In Europe too, Marriott has adopted industrial components, particularly when deploying the Moxy chain, where prefabricated bathrooms have been used for some hotels as part of the project.

                                                Hotel Construction – AC HOTEL NEW YORK NOMAD – DANNY FOSTER & ARCHITECTURE

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