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1. Innovating for your projects

Baudet has always targeted innovation by offering quality bathrooms at the forefront of new trends. This approach has established BAUDET as a key player on the prefabricated bathroom market and for off-site construction.

Since its incorporation and since its design team first set pen to paper, BAUDET experts have come up with stylish and convenient bathrooms able to overcome the limitations of confined spaces. Thanks to research and the permanent monitoring of our teams of specialists, we can offer :

  • New materials,
  • Hybrid construction methods,
  • Solutions which are ever more compatible with your projects.

Our teams consider the allocated budget and configuration details of your projects and propose bathrooms with a wide range of dimensions and proportions.

conception salle de bain


Our range of bathroom pods reflects our vision of this room while incorporating the latest decorative trends. Nothing is left to chance; whether it be the choice of colours, materials, precise finishes or innovative equipment, we strive to provide bathrooms that are stylish and pleasant to use.


Our innovative drive is visible in our design process, but also in the manufacturing and installation of our bathrooms, as well as in the user experience. We always keep the end user in mind, so we design each nook and cranny of our bathrooms to optimise space, maintenance, comfort and storage.


We are also delighted to take part in and support innovative initiatives and projects in the building industry. Baudet has illustrated its prowess on several occasions, in partnerships rich in shared experiences. More recently, Baudet has supported the YNHOVA project.

bureau études intégré

2. A reliable industrial solution

Thanks to our “ready-to-install” bathroom concept, installation at the site is consistently quick and easy. An off-site industrial approach is a natural decision if a customer is aiming to control costs, lead times and quality. Quality control at the plant guarantees a constant level of quality for all indicators: assembly, leaktightness, trims and design. Baudet has always kept its commitments, or in other words, its strengths: strict compliance with specifications, budget, scheduling and unfailing product quality. Baudet has successfully combined its industrial resources with the drive of its committed teams to offer nothing but the best : we manage customised projects and can meet any requirement via 3D models of your future bathrooms.

As part of our continuous improvement policy, we are constantly improving our industrial process.

3. Optimising costs and deadlines

By choosing Baudet “ready-to-install” bathroom pods, you are sure to complete your project on-time for an optimal cost and to keep to the schedule for this construction project.

entretien facilité

4. Easy maintenance, guaranteed quality and great comfort

Baudet bathroom pods have been renowned for their quality since day one. These well-designed pods guarantee strict hygiene standards for users. The materials we use offer some of the most suitable options for general bathroom and regular cleaning requirements. Facility personnel in charge of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness will be grateful for just how quick and easy it is to clean Baudet bathrooms.

5. Renowned French production

Baudet operates a production plant located in Mouchamps (85), France, and is committed to French industry by promoting national technical and human know-how.

Baudet employs over one hundred people and offers an industrial and human-focused production solution. At a time when machines and robots are taking over our plants, Baudet’s vision of the future is human-oriented. Baudet can boast extensive expertise in polyester, in-depth knowledge and mastery of practical tasks carefully passed on to the next generation, and is proud to employ men and women from our region.

Our strength : Combining a high-performance industrial set-up with talented, qualified and committed staff

BAUDET is a textbook example in gender equality. Production plant personnel are indeed half women and half men. We are proud of this and it can be seen in each precise gesture and close attention given to each of our bathroom pods.

usine production francaise

6. Our commitment to the environment

In the eyes of Baudet and its teams, protecting the environment is a fully-fledged commitment, and a key factor right from the bathroom design phase, throughout their lifecycle, and including installation on-site.

Our production plant releases long-lasting low-energy bathrooms. With this approach, we can guarantee that our customers benefit from environmentally-friendly bathrooms, designed by a socially responsible company.

In order to combat planned obsolescence, Baudet is committed to designing long-lasting bathrooms. Services such as Refresh allow you to breathe new life into your bathrooms. We aim to ensure that our bathrooms are quality products designed to last. By opting for a Baudet bathroom, customers avoid any premature demolition, the need to replace perfectly operational bathroom equipment in good shape and the overconsumption of new goods.

Baudet strives to minimise the environmental impact of the production and installation of its products as far as possible :