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How can the environmental impact of my project be reduced thanks to prefabricated bathroom pods ?

Generating less waste and enhancing recycling

An industrial construction approach ensures that only the resources and material strictly required are used. Fewer waste materials are generated and any residual waste is easier to collect and recycle in an industrial environment than at a construction site.

Delivering a finished product to the site considerably reduces waste and optimises the conditions for the remainder of the project. The only waste left once Baudet prefabricated bathrooms are installed is the protective cover used to shield the bathroom from any bad weather prior to final installation.

Streamlining transport to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

With just one return trip, a truck can deliver from 5 to 20 finished bathrooms to a site. Just imagine how many return trips would be necessary for a traditional construction project: plumbers, tilers, electricians, painters, plasterboard specialists, etc. must all use their vehicles an incalculable number of times to complete the same number of bathrooms! And that’s before you start delivering the materials in parallel. Not only are prefabricated solutions more environmentally-friendly in terms of transport, they are far more efficient and quick to install !

Supporting reversible constructions

Baudet prefabricated bathrooms are designed to last. Their lifecycles are sometimes longer than that of the building itself ! Prefabricated bathrooms are compatible with and can help to accompany the changing uses of new constructions, as they can be removed from a residential building as part of a conversion to offices and re-installed elsewhere. Such flexibility fits in with the changes occurring in today’s cities: flexible working conditions, changing regulations, etc.

Avoiding over-hasty and high-energy demolition work

New constructions are preferred for many projects. Unfortunately, such an approach often requires existing buildings to be razed, rather than renovated or adapted. These projects might be more expensive, but they avoid the need to scrap tons of concrete which already required large amounts of resources to be produced. Baudet prefabricated bathrooms were designed to fit into partial or more heavy-duty renovation projects. Several methods can be used to integrate bathrooms without need to demolish the entire building. By giving project initiators the opportunity to consider the possibility of renovating, Baudet is working to avoid the needless investment of more natural resources.

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