How can I save time with my construction or renovation project ?

If prefabricated bathrooms have won over ever-growing numbers of customers in many sectors in recent decades, this is no random feat. Hotel and catering firms, healthcare facilities, council housing, and many other sectors benefit from the strengths of prefabricated bathrooms in the various phases of a construction or renovation project.

Every little detail in studied during the design phase

When you opt for “ready-to-install” bathrooms, you must start by considering and defining the final design, well before your project reaches this stage :

  • Dimensions
  • Selecting the different materials
  • Selecting equipment
  • Trims for all bathrooms

These points must be defined early in the project to avoid any delays towards the completion of the project due to selecting those final touches. This approach saves significant time in the final stages of your project. Several solutions are available for this purpose:

  • Try a 3D view of your bathrooms
  • A virtual reality viewing option can be proposed
  • Or a show bathroom could be produced for the purposes of confirming every last detail

All of these solutions can be used to work in a coordinated manner, bring together all contacts for a project (prime contractor, customer, architect, etc.) for the purposes of reaching the required decisions. Studying all bathroom details as part of a preliminary phase will avoid any unwanted surprises towards the end of the works: replacing an unsuitable coating, adjusting the positions of accessories, changing inappropriate plumbing fittings, etc.

Controlled manufacturing conditions at a suitable production plant

Fabrication industrielle des salles de bain - BAUDET

          Every little detail of each bathroom is inspected in a                                 totally controlled environment.

contrôle qualité industrie - BAUDET

      Over 30 check points are systematically inspected for                                           each bathroom.

With a traditional construction method, on average five tradesmen are assigned to tasks in a narrow space considered as technical. Each party involved, whether a plumber, electrician, tiler or other, can face contingencies: delays putting them behind schedule, technical problems at the site, mandatory drying time, not forgetting the drying time required. The more contractors are required,
the higher the risk of extra time being required when completing bathrooms, with knock-on delays for the entire construction project.

With the Off-Site bathroom solution, 90% of prefabricated bathrooms are complete before they leave the production plant. The bathrooms reach the construction site after comprehensive testing. This approach saves considerable time !

Deliveries according to work progress

Thanks to an industrial solution, bathroom deliveries can be scheduled according to work progress. Deliveries can easily be brought forward or delayed if necessary, without disturbing other trades. When the bathrooms reach the site, they are integrated
in the building under construction or renovation. The bathrooms reach the worksite on fully loaded trucks. On average, a truck can hold 10 prefabricated bathrooms and can be unloaded in around one hour, at which point, the bathrooms just need positioning at the worksite.

Livraison rapide des salles de bain prête à poser - BAUDET

              The entire truck is unloaded with a crane.

livraison des solutions sanitaires - BAUDET

    The prefabricated bathrooms are integrated in the                                                         façade.

All it takes is just 2 hours to install each bathroom !

Once the prefabricated bathrooms have been delivered to the worksite, all that remains is to position the pods in their final locations and connect water and power to each bathroom. All it takes to complete all of these operations is just 2 hours per prefabricated

Thanks to this method and quick installation, 416 bathrooms were installed at Carcasonne hospital in just 60 days, i.e. 7 bathrooms every day. The hospital director, Bernard Nuytten, declared that “it generally takes a decade to deliver a hospital, this one
was completed in less than 7 years”.

A simplified process for clearing reservations

livraison des salles de bain préfa - BAUDET

                                                       Acceptance of an elderly care home prior to accepting residents.

We know by experience that 80% of reservations recorded after project completion relate to the bathroom batch when traditional methods are used. Thanks to prefabricated bathrooms, most reservations are eliminated for your project. With an industrial approach, the bathrooms installed are defect-free due to prior testing and acceptance for projects, allowing the facility to start operating rapidly and avoiding any lost time, and hence capital.

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