How to forget the headache of dirty bathroom seals !

Seals are something of a headache in most bathrooms, they must be maintained, they can turn black, they get damaged and in 98% of cases, they are the main cause of leaks in a bathroom.

Tough cleaning

It is essential to clean your seals at regular intervals to avoid water deposits, dirt and microbes combining to cause damage. If seals are not correctly looked after, they will tend to turn black or yellow and, more importantly, become porous. A black seal has never led to a happy resident or customer and will not make your facility look good.

Maintain sealing at any cost !

If a traditional seal is damaged, water will pass through and could cause damage ranging from a simple leak to fully-fledged water damage. There is only one way to avoid this situation: clean, rub, maintain and repeat! While these tasks might appear manageable in your home, they rapidly become endless feats when managing an entire facility with dozens of rooms.

High maintenance tasks in terms of both cash and time

Taking good care of seals takes time. Your members of personnel assigned to your bathrooms will frequently realize this. Seals also represent a financial investment as silicone seals must regularly be renewed by a member of the maintenance team or an external contractor. These operations are often underestimated when selecting a traditional bathroom.

Bathrooms without seals do exist !

By installing prefabricated bathrooms in your facility, you can relegate seal repair to a dim memory! Baudet prefabricated bathrooms are designed to eliminate the need for seals, which simplifies maintenance. Considerable time is saved, but more importantly, facility managers can also rest assured that their bathrooms are systematically clean and leaktight. In fact, leaktightness is guaranteed by a compressed foam seal fitted between the walls. This foam seal is invisible and no maintenance is required. Prefabricated bathroom solutions boost the life of each bathroom while limiting the time spent on upkeep.

Salle de bain prête à poser sans joint - BAUDET

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