baudet certifie ses salles de bain préfabriquées par le CSTB

New technical approval confirms the leading role and quality of Baudet’s prefabricated bathrooms !

BAUDET, manufacturer of prefabricated bathrooms with 2 technical approvals!

After obtaining its first CSTB Technical Approval no. 9/15-1019 in 2012, and renewing this document in 2021, Baudet confirmed its leading position by certifying all of its mixed and tiled bathroom pods under a second CSTB Technical Approval no. 9/21-1070! 

Baudet is the first industrial operator to obtain a Technical Approval for a prefabricated bathroom as an alternative to traditional solutions!

A Technical Approval (TA) is a reference document for construction businesses. A TA certifies the effective design of prefabricated bathrooms and compliance with the set requirements: deployment during both construction and use. Technical Approvals guarantee general quality.

Thanks to a Technical Approval by Specialist Groups (GS9 for partitions and GS13 for tiling), Baudet’s customers know that they benefit from prefabricated bathrooms with mixed and tiled structures offering greater guarantees than a traditional bathroom. In fact, the tests conducted prove that tiling glued to a wall with a metal structure is as strong as plasterboard on a frame or traditional bricks.

Tests that talk !

During the certification process, many tests were run on a Baudet prefabricated tiled bathroom :

  • The transport test: the prefabricated bathroom travelled 1,000 km in a truck with strong braking.
  • During impact tests, the walls were impacted 19 times. A 65 kg load (i.e. a force equal to 120 joules, and later 240 joules) was projected against the tiled wall and painted metal structure. No damage was apparent.
  • The leaktightness test was run after impact testing: the bathroom was filled with water to a depth of seven centimetres to check that no leaks occurred.

Choose what's best for your project !

By opting for Baudet prefabricated bathrooms, you can rest assured that the quality has been approved by experts in their fields, that leaktightness has been tested and your bathroom is certified.

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