pourquoi choisir salle de bain préfabriquées

Why choose prefabricated bathroom pods for your project ?

Stay on budget

A prefabricated solution is reliable, and guarantees a controlled budget from project start, with no unwanted surprises or extra costs at the completion of the works, and even up to the operating and maintenance phase. Prefabricated components are particularly reliable, offering a reasonable solution which satisfies the developers as well as the managers in charge of maintenance during the use of bathrooms. By purchasing prefabricated bathrooms, you are selecting a product designed to bring long-term savings in terms of future maintenance! These savings may not be immediately visible, but will ensure that you stay in control of your budget long after the completion of the building work.

A wide range of potential designs

Baudet can offer a wide range of options based on two construction principles applied to meet all of your needs. The metal structure can be used to create customised bathrooms with 100% tiling, if preferred, while the polyester structure is compatible with several bathroom models from a current catalogue. These two complementary models will work well with any of your projects. Baudet proposes four complementary ranges based on these two construction methods : Baudet STANDING for hotels, Baudet SMART for accommodation, Baudet ACCESS’ designed for healthcare facilities and Baudet INITIAL intended for student accommodation and council housing.

pourquoi choisir une salle de bain préfabriquée - BAUDET

Quick installation

Delivering a finished product which just needs positioning and connecting saves considerable time at the construction site. A Baudet prefabricated bathroom can be installed in just a few hours, making a real difference to the timeline! Deliveries are scheduled for set dates and do not lead to further delays with other planned operations at the worksite. Staying on schedule is a major asset and helps to ensure that the project as a whole goes smoothly.

"Thanks to this decision, throughout the project, we were also able to ensure rapid response times when the Customer selected the final touches, and above all, on-site installation was quick and easy, reducing both the time required and the number of technicians physically present in each room. Baudet was able to provide us with real expertise from the design phases up to the installation of the bathroom pods."

Simplifying worksite management

With one single contact in charge of the bathroom batch rather than six tradesmen to be coordinated as part of a traditional project, you will save precious time when managing the worksite. Furthermore, constructing the components off-site at the plant offsets the recurrent labour shortages which cause problems in the building industry. This approach avoids the need for sourcing and hiring extra staff, who can be inadequately qualified and relatively difficult to persuade to work together on a shared project. Thanks to prefabricated modules, 90% of the technical work is completed at the factory, in a controlled environment which is easier to arrange and oversee. That is the real advantage of an industrial approach versus traditional construction methods.

"By opting for a prefabricated module completed at the plant, it becomes easier to design and install wastewater and drinking water supply networks, saving time at the construction site for all contractors involved. In addition, as delivery times are based on progress with carcassing, works by secondary trades such as plumbing and electrics are simplified, as well as the on-site organisation (fewer technicians required, less waste generated, improved management and safer working conditions for personnel at the construction site)."

Improving the quality of the finished structure

All of the above reasons contribute to improving quality: all bathrooms manufactured at the plant are standardised and identical to each other, experienced members of personnel are assigned to installation at the construction site, and no combined delays will affect other trades. Finally, the superior quality of prefabricated constructions is ultimately reliable.

Guaranteeing safety at the construction site

By reducing work at heights and the need to carry heavy loads, prefabricated bathroom pods can reduce the risks faced at the construction site and help to ensure worker safety. Prefabrication also has the benefit of reducing the number of accidents at the worksite. Fewer materials are unloaded, less handling is required and fewer heavy materials need moving around. The bathroom is placed directly in the required position by the crane and then slid or rolled to the final location using suitable handling tools.

Sécurité sur les chantier de salle de bain préfabriquée - BAUDET

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