How can I reduce the maintenance costs for my series of bathrooms ?

Clogged toilets, showers which run slower than expected or hair-blocked drains are all recurrent problems for a maintenance
team in charge of a series of rooms. Maintaining a large number of bathrooms can prove a real headache! In any sector, a student hall of residence housing over 250 students, a hotel with a hundred or more rooms or a hospital with over 300 beds, the problem remains the same !

Opting for prefabricated bathrooms avoids the need for all of these unpleasant tasks for the following reasons :

Ideal bathroom sealing

Unlike a traditional bathroom, where seals and sealant strips age, “ready-to-install” bathrooms hold one major asset thanks to the
production process: a seal-free one-piece tray, ensuring 100% leaktightness for the entire bathroom. Industrial bathrooms guarantee managers that their facilities will not suffer from any water damage.

receveur de douche préfabriquée - BAUDET

                             A seal-free one-piece tray, with no separation between the shower area and the bathroom dry area.

No seal maintenance required

One other key benefit of “ready-to-install” bathrooms is the fact that no seals are fitted. Prefabricated bathrooms are indeed designed without silicone seals, comprising an easy-to-maintain solution with strict hygiene conditions at all times and no sudden leaks. This is a critical benefit for many projects :

  • Student halls of residence which host different generations of students each year or even semester,
  • Hotels, where a new occupant moves into the room each night,
  • Or hospitals where extremely strict hygiene standards are required as patients sometimes suffer from severe

Easy access to the main technical components

Prefabricated bathrooms are a comprehensive solution designed to cover a wide range of parameters and specific needs :

  • Installation at the construction site on behalf of the prime contractor,
  • End-user comfort,
  • Easy maintenance for managers during the operating phase.

This last requirement is met in the form of discreet access panels at various strategic locations in the bathroom: one panel provides access to the toilet cistern and incoming and outgoing water pipes, the access panel in the ceiling leads to the ventilation system and the smart access panel is discreetly positioned for maintenance of the shower drain.

These maintenance panels are convenient, discreet and fit in nicely. These access panels are neatly integrated in a smart and handy fashion depending on the design of each new bathroom and the customer’s requirements. The panels blend in perfectly with the bathroom trims: tiling, decorative panels, furnishings, storage trays, etc. and allow for quick and easy action if preventive maintenance or repairs are required. Thanks to these panels, prefabricated bathrooms simplify the work of maintenance teams.

trappe sous une douche pour un accès au syphon- BAUDET

                    Closed shower drain access panel

trappe sous douche pour accès syphon - BAUDET

                       Open shower drain access panel

Salle de bain industrielle IRIS - BAUDET

           Cistern access panel

Salle de bain BALEA - Castelnau Montratier - BAUDET

   Access panel integrated in the unit

Salle de bain préfabriquée JADE - BAUDET

    Wall-mounted maintenance duct                               access panel

Salle de bain Hotel EASY - BAUDET

                                         Ceiling panel

EASY hotel - salle de bain préfabriquée - BAUDET

              Invisible wall panel for access to connections

Greater independance for a set budget

When prefabricated bathrooms are installed at a facility, they are entrusted to a manager. Some managers have their own maintenance teams, while others prefer to sub-contract maintenance or use the manufacturer’s technicians.

It is essential for those in charge of corrective and preventive maintenance operations and repairs to be able to manage works independently. Prefabricated bathroom solutions allow for quicker and easier responses to incidents. Two factors must be considered :

  • The serial number marked on each bathroom. Communicating your need to the manufacturer is child’s play, simply order the required part straight away !
  • Thanks to the panels in the bathrooms, it is easy to identify the source of the incident, make observations and replace a part if necessary, with no need to demolish a wall, remove tiling or reconstruct after the repair. This approach saves time and cash !

These solutions also keep the maintenance budget under control: no unwanted surprises, which means no emergency repairs and no extra costs, all maintenance operations are scheduled and completed as part of a preventive approach, rather than corrective action.

From preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance

Meeting the requirements of managers and taking maintenance policies a step farther. Prefabricated bathrooms can include
a comprehensive embedded maintenance system able to :

  • Detect any anomalies (a tap left open, a clogged drain, etc.)
  • Perform quick and direct repairs if a technical problem arises
  • Measure relative humidity and air quality (monitor any ventilation malfunctions, anticipate the risk of clogging)
  • Monitor consumption in real time


Smart sensors are built into the “ready-to-install” bathrooms at the production plant. These sensors allow managers to benefit from a comprehensive predictive maintenance solution. Predictive maintenance, when combined with smart access panels, provides an excellent means of maintaining the “ready-to-install” bathrooms in as-new condition.

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