Why select prefabricated bathroom pods for your healthcare facilities ?

Looking for a bathroom solution for your construction and/or renovation projects in the healthcare sector? Prefabricated bathroom pods can indeed adapt to a hospital or medical environment. Prefabricated bathroom solutions ensure compliance with PRM standards, make bathroom cleaning easy, provide suitable levels of space and comfort, to name just a few benefits, ensuring that healthcare facilities are homes first and medical centres second !

Want to find out more? Check out our three good reasons for opting for prefabricated bathroom pods for your healthcare facilities !

Reason 1 : Reduce the time and costs required to clean your bathrooms

Our vision: Spend less time cleaning and more time with residents!
This leads to :

• A seal-free bathroom design.
• Raised boards – prevent water from stagnating to avoid bacterial growth.
• Guaranteed sealing.
• No deterioration to bathroom fittings over time.
• No additional operating costs thanks to 
easy maintenance.

Reason 2 : Provide a comfortable environment and great finish worthy of a home rather than a hospital

Our vision: An elderly care home is primarily a place for people to live rather than a healthcare facility.
This leads to :

  • A range of finishes worthy of a residential site.
  • Compliance with PRM standards.
  • Deliberate comfort and accessibility throughout the bathroom.
  • Protecting the intimacy of residents.

Reason 3 : Preventing musculoskeletal disorders for healthcare workers

Our vision: Considering healthcare workers just as much as residents to simplify recruitment.
This leads to :

  • A co-design policy to adapt to the needs of each facility.
  • A visit can be arranged for the purposes of testing a bathroom with your healthcare workers and residents, to obtain their feedback.
  • 20 years of experience in innovation to the benefit of elderly care homes !

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