How could you change the opinion of a partner with respect to prefabricated bathrooms ? Five preconceived ideas

Prefabricated bathrooms are frequently criticised, however their market share is constantly climbing for both new constructions and renovation projects. A few stereotypes frequently mask the real potential of these solutions: “Prefabricated bathrooms are too small”, “This solution is poor quality”, “Prefabricated bathrooms look awful…” 

Today, we can prove that the opposite is true! Let’s list five preconceived ideas about prefabricated bathrooms and highlight their strengths :

1- You are using plastic !

What looks like plastic is actually strong, durable and easy-to-clean polyester. This material was selected for its ideal properties in a damp environment. Polyester is 100% leaktight and easy to repair if necessary.

What’s more, polyester is not used for all prefabricated bathrooms. Tiling, sandstone/ceramics, PVC coatings, decorative stratified panels, glass walls, anything is possible and nothing is ruled out! New generations of industrial bathrooms can hold their heads high when compared with traditional bathrooms.

2- Those bathrooms are for retirement homes

Prefabricated bathrooms are mainly used for healthcare facilities (hospitals, elderly care homes, specialist facilities, etc.). These pods are accessible, they comply with the applicable PRM standards and strict hygiene conditions and they meet the requirements of the most demanding facilities.

However, many other facilities are convinced by this bathroom solution: luxury hotels, student halls of residence, cruise boats, sports centres or even youth hostels. Check out the list of customers which opted for a reliable prefabricated bathroom solution.

Salle de bain préfabriquée industrielle dans une maison de retraite - BAUDET

3- They are too small

Prefabricated bathrooms are popular as they save space in the bedroom: these compact and smart pods are ideal for small student rooms, for example. However, these solutions can also be large, with 100 x 130 cm showers, bathtubs and double sink units. Our bathroom sizes range from 1 m² to over 5 m², the only limit is due to transport to the future installation site.

4- They don't look great

We all have our own ideas about what looks great and what doesn’t, but one thing is sure, whatever your preferences, we can offer a prefabricated bathroom to suit you. Whether you prefer wood, bright colours, neutral tones or stone, you will still have a tough time choosing from our options !

salle de bain préfabriquée moderne et design - BAUDET

5- I need to climb a step to enter

Forget the days when bathrooms were installed on the flooring with a step with a height of a few cm. New prefabricated bathrooms are positioned in a cutout and can be accessed easily, with no obstacles or steps !

Salle de bain prête à poser sans emmarchement - BAUDET

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